PAMAMOS and circuit boards - first public discussion at IMAPS


April 23, 2002

Midland, Mich. – Attendees at the upcoming symposium of the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS) have the opportunity to hear the first disclosure of a technology to directly form circuit patterns in the fabrication of printed wiring boards.

David A. Dalman, development manager of Dendritech, Inc., will present the technology involving polyamidoamine-organosilicon (PAMAMOS) at the symposium Sept. 4 to 6 in Denver, Colo. Associated authors are Dr. Petar R. Dvornic of Michigan Molecular Institute (MMI) and M. Frederick Hoover of Hoover Technologies.

Dendritech and MMI scientists have found that PAMAMOS solutions, when cast on a variety of dielectric substrates, possess sufficient conductivity to be directly electroplated to build copper conductors. Dalman will provide details as well as discuss how PAMAMOS technology can minimize the need for copper-clad laminates, photolithography and electroless copper plating. A patent to protect the technology has been applied for.

More than 4,000 people will attend IMAPS this fall. It is the largest symposium related to the microelectronics industry and the electronic packaging industry in the world. Dalman is scheduled to present in the session on High Density Substrates and Boards.

With offices and manufacturing facilities in Midland, Mich. Dendritech, Inc. is a privately held company that was established in 1992. The company is licensed by The Dow Chemical Company to manufacture and sell ethylenediamine-core poly (amidoamine) [PAMAM] dendrimers and other specialty dendrimers.