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Welcome to Dendritech, Inc., a specialty polymer company focused solely on development and larger-scale production of tailor-made dendrimer and hyperbranched polymers.

Dendritech’s PAMAM (polyamidoamine) dendrimers have exceptional molecular uniformity, “compact” nanoscopic size, globular shape and high surface group functionality. They function as designed linkers and delivery agents for a broad range of biological, organic and inorganic materials. PAMAM dendrimers enable commercial applications in both biomedical and industrial applications including diagnostic, drug delivery, personal care, industrial coatings and membrane separation markets.

Dendritech combines more than 20 years of dendrimer product research and development with state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to create value-added solutions for our customers.

We have a well-earned reputation as the global leader in commercial supply of PAMAM dendrimers. Take a look around the site and you’ll see why.

Dendritech celebrates 30 years of commercial success…and counting!

PAMAM Dendrimer, Succinamic acidDendritech is proud to announce its 30th year in business! We sincerely want to thank our many loyal global corporate and R&D customers that have been keys to our success. Dendritech greatly values these customer relationships and commercial partnerships we have forged over the past quarter of a century. As your product development partner in creation and commercialization of custom-synthesized PAMAM dendrimers, we continue to expand our product line.

Founded in 1992 exclusively for the commercialization of Polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimers, and with fully integrated Kilo lab and full scale manufacturing facilities, Dendritech is your source for reliable synthesis and full-scale manufacturing to meet your specific requirements. We welcome inquiries on our products and capabilities.

We can’t wait for our 35th!

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